The Symposium and Proceedings that will follow are made possible by the work of a number of people.

Organising Committee (SUERC/University of Glasgow)

Prof. Gordon Cook (Chair)
Dr. Brian Tripney (Secretary)
Mr. Phil Naysmith
Dr. Derek Hamilton
Prof. Marian Scott
Dr. Elaine Dunbar
Dr. Tony Krus
Dr. Kerry Sayle

Scientific Committee

Prof. Alex Bayliss (Historic England/University of Stirling, United Kingdom)
Dr. Nancy Beavan (New Zealand)
Prof. Clive Bonsall (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Dr. Ricardo Fernandes (Christian Albrechts Universität – Kiel, Germany)
Prof. Tom Higham (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
Rod McCullagh (United Kingdom)
Dr. Guy De Mulder (University of Ghent, Belgium)
Prof. Eddie Peltenberg (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Prof. Johannes van der Plicht (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
Dr. Alison Sheridan (National Museums of Scotland, United Kingdom)
Prof. Mark Van Strydonck (Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage, IRPA-KIK, Belgium)